About Us


We are a multidisciplinary research group focused on the development of tissue-based culture platforms to understand cell organization and remodelling in response to microbial pathogens and during the early stages of diseases such as cancer and fibrosis. We use novel approaches that combine multiple tissue components, including epithelium, mesenchyme, immune cells and microbial colonies, in a minimalistic fashion to recapitulate tissue level phenomenon, while maintaining the ability to gather meaningful measurements. We are also invested in the creation and adaptation of cutting edge methods to perturb these engineered tissue models in order to facilitate our research goals.

Our group welcomes enthusiastic trainees at all levels – undergraduate* and graduate students, from various disciplines including biology (cell, molecular, computational), chemistry (polymers, biomaterials) and engineering (chemical, mechanical, material science). Students with other scientific and engineering backgrounds who are interested in our research are also encouraged to apply.

*Undergraduate students who are interested in joining our lab may do so as part of their 4th year honour thesis, or as research trainees under the Dalhousie Integrated Science Program (DISP).

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